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Welcome to a whole new kind of physical therapy service - Concierge style.
Targeted, measurable results direct to you at your home, office, park or beach.
Less hassle, more healing.
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I believe success is taking an active roll in our own evolution, having our actions line up with our intentions, and allowing the journey to transform the destination.

You are capable of more - and I can help you get there.


Don't limit what's possible by what you perceive as probable.Together we will take your dreams and transcribe them into your new, better, reality. Get on the path and stay on track, starting today.


Multiple areas of specialization plus a passion for empowerment means you reach your goals more quickly. Yes, we are going to work hard to get you to your goals, but we are going to smile and laugh along the way too.

I guarantee it.


I understand. Often we aren't 100% sure where we need to go or who we need to see to help with the problem we're having


Get my FREE self assessment checklist to find out now what the next right step is for you to get you on the road to health and action

No one can walk our path for us. But sometimes we need help learning how to walk again...or run, or jump, or climb, or play.
Call or write me today.
Together we will take you, and your life, into your next great adventure.




Dr. Emily Schwartz

Sport Medicine Physician – Hip and Pelvis

As a sports medicine physician I have a general knowledge of rehabilitation and have trained and worked with many physical therapists. When I was injured myself it was important for me to find someone I could trust, and I immediately knew I had to contact Ron.

Ron played a crucial role in my training to become a sports medicine physician, and I have great respect for his knowledge of the mechanics of the body, human anatomy, and rehabilitation goals. Being able to work with him was enlightening every time, and seeing the progress and genuine compassion that he had for our patients was illuminating.

Now working with him as the actual patient I am still learning, and am so thankful to have someone who wants to get me back to the athlete I know I am, not just back to a good enough.

I have two injuries that likely will require surgery at some point in my life, but my goal was to be able to put that off as long as possible.

I went from limping daily, and barely being able to use the elliptical, to not only being able to sprint, but to captain my running club’s circuit training workouts.

I am so grateful to Ron for everything that he has done for me not only as an athlete, but also as a physician. When I tell my patients that I have felt their pain, but am back to doing everything I want to do, I tell them that it’s because of my amazing physical therapist, Ron.

In fact, through Ron’s guidance, I have actually increased my strength and flexibility and ultimately become a better runner.

Justin Wright

Division 1 Soccer Player at UC Davis – Groin

Paul Tenner

Distance Runner – Hip and Knee

As an avid distance runner, I have had my share of injuries over 20 years of running a lot of miles.

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Ron in 2010.  He is an incredible physical therapist — someone who is always able to quickly identify the source of the injury and get me on the road to recovery.

Through working with Ron over the last five years, I have been able to continue running when other medical professionals would have urged me to stop.

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