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The business of healthcare has changed remarkably in recent years and in many ways has become the business of sick care, not healthcare; a place where lifespan and healthspan are not necessarily the same thing. These can be frustrating waters to navigate as a patient and as a consumer.  Effectiveness, efficiency, and a relationship with our providers are the key to any good healing foundation, and unfortunately those are hard to come by in our current corporate healthcare model.  


As a clinician in the corporate structure for many years I tried to provide each of those things to my patients, usually with success.  But the perspective of the corporation is dollar-centered, not patient-centered.  These opposing viewpoints over years in the corporate setting helped me to make the decision to begin my own practice - one built on the pillars of where real healing can take place.


I have been in the healthcare for more than 20 years.  I began as a bodyworker and a personal trainer, have completed a bachelors, a masters, and a doctorate in science and physical therapy, have been residency and fellowship trained, have board specialties in orthopedics and geriatrics, hold a certification in vestibular rehabilitation, am a registered yoga teacher, and teach at the community level in continuing education and at the professional level in doctural programs in universities and residency/fellowship programs at two large metropolitan hospitals in southern California.  My life is a journey of exploration and service, and the gifts of teachers that I have had the privilege to learn from have formed the basis of my practice today.


My philosophy is simple.  Treat the person that is sitting in front of you, not the diagnosis.  Developing a working relationship with clients is key.  Rapport levels are paramount - even for the simplest of clinical interactions.  When there is an established understanding of a client’s concerns, then real collaboration can occur.  Effective and efficient treatment becomes a two-way street.  I let each client know what they are responsible for in the rehabilitation process and exactly what they can expect from me.  Together we can work towards their goals.  


What I bring to the table is a significant amount of skill and clinical knowledge.  Your body wants to get better, it just needs some help.  I have a widely-varied and well-trained background to draw from in terms of treatment interventions.  What my clients find is that if their primary problems are diagnosed and treated correctly, they get better more quickly and they do not need to return as often.  My goal is empowerment.  I want my clients to be able to rely on themselves to manage their issues.

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