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Energy Medicine

Each person processes pain and dysfunction in their own way. Our physical body is only one part of our system as a whole. It is intimately connected to our emotional and energetic bodies. When there is an impact in one part of our system, it affects the entire system.  Each person processes pain and dysfunction in their own way. Whether from a traumatic or a repetitive injury, pain and dysfunction can easily take a heavy toll on us. The result of that can leave an unresolved energetic component to the symptoms that we’re having. Think of the strong link between chronic pain and depression, or the difficulty in returning to full sport for an injured athlete, or the fear of getting back into a car after an accident. A holistic approach to full recovery and healing involves getting our energetic system free from fear and the traumatic

imprints that can sometimes remain with us after the physical healing has occured. If you think this may pertain to you, please discover more here  >


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